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® New consultation


Gastric Band Adjustment

(for patients from other centres)


** Gastric Band Insertion

From £6900

24 months

** Gastric Band Removal

From £5000

6 months

** Sleeve Gastrectomy

From £9750

24 months

** Gastric Bypass

From £9,400

24 months

** Gastric Balloon

(both insertion and removal)

From £4500

7 months

*** Revision Surgery

From £11,500

24 months

Gastric band adjustment package

(for patients who had surgery elsewhere)


Package includes 5 adjustments under one year

All our prices are subject to your initial consultation with your surgeon. Additional charges may apply should you have any medical history, which may require further investigation prior to your surgery or have a complex medical history there may be additional charges to the fees stated above. The cost of surgery may vary based on the hospital surgery is carried out.

®Initial consultation costs £200 (non-refundable).

.***Tariff for revision surgery: Please discuss with your surgeon as it depends on various factors.

24 month package includes:

Pre-operative dietic assessment

Operation, hospital stay (in a private room), both surgeon’s and anaesthetist’s fee, discharge medication

30 Day Surgical Warranty to cover the cost of complications

The most experienced bariatric surgeon and his team

All procedures performed in hospitals with high standard of care

Intensive dietary support both before and after surgery for a year to help you reach your weight loss goal quickly

Regular Surgeon’s review at 2, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months


Local Rate 0845 257 5433   Office Line 01483 724833

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